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Michael Church- Executive Director

Gretchen Garie- President/CEO

Jodie Donovan

Carol Meenen

Marcie Sewell

Kimerly Coshow Ph.D


Contact Information:

15995 Arbor View Blvd #525 Naples, FL 34110

239-963-7759   pdadvocates@aol.com

Movers & Shakers is a 501(c)3 Non-profit






A Parkinson Disease Support & Advocacy Organization





Movers & Shakers is committed to the Support, Education, Outreach &
Encouragement of the Parkinson's community through our Programs &
Cooperative Network of Caregivers, Medical Practitioners, & Legislators
to enhance the quality of life of those affected by this disease.

See You in Portland, Oregon

We look forward to seeing old friends & meeting new ones

At World Parkinson Congress #WPC2016

For those who are not able to make it we will be

posting on social media: Twitter @ MoversShakersPD

& our Facebook Page


We will be at the “Book Nook” in the afternoons at WPC so come see us

 check out our poster during the poster sessions on

Parkinsons1Day #PD1Day.

Ours is Thurs. 11:30-1:30.






Welcome Radio Parkies to the World Parkinson Congress!!

Come listen to Parkinson's Radio!!


    Will you Sign the Parkinson's Global Pledge!!   

  Global Parkinson's Pledge

We launched a worldwide appeal for one million people to sign the Global Parkinson's Pledge at the second World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland on September 28, 2010, to help build a global Parkinson’s movement, to make Parkinson’s a priority health, social and economic issue around the world, and to advance the cure





Tell us your stories. We want to hear how you or your organization are generating awareness or having events for PARKINSON'S DISEASE.


Email Us at: pdadvocates@aol.com



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